Talk about a bar rescue! Police had to break a woman out of a Lower East Side drinkery this morning after staff accidentally locked her inside overnight.

According to the Post, 20-year-old Therese Hipolito of Flemington, New Jersey, woke up in the bathroom of Boss Tweed's Saloon this morning and realized that the bar's staff has closed up and locked her inside the establishment. The paper reports that people could hear Hopolito yelling for help from inside the bar, and that she was finally rescued by cops at about 9:20 a.m. this morning, a little over an hour after she called them.

Police had to saw through a lock on the metal gate in order to free Hipolito from the LES lounge, which reopened in the spring after a sudden closure earlier this year.

The owners of the bar could be looking at a couple of legal issues following the incident. For one, cops said that they've already contacted the State Liquor Authority about the incident and are looking into how the underage Hipolito managed to drink in the establishment. And, following her rescue, Hipolito told the Post that she suspects her drink was spiked and that she was planning to sue the bar.

Hipolito told the paper that she was the bar for a friend's birthday party, that she had "one shot and one glass of champagne" and that the last thing she said she remembered was sitting in a booth at the bar after getting a slice of pizza.

"How do you not notice someone sleeping on the floor of your bathroom?" she asked the Post. "There are only two stalls. I’m going to sue them."