A New Jersey man who allegedly stole a Newark bakery's donation jar—intended for a mother fighting cancer—has been caught.

Daniel Santos, 23, allegedly absconded with the box from a Ferry Street bakery on June 8, NBC New York reports. Surveillance videos apparently show a man approaching the jar and using a lighter to burn through the thin cable that connected it to the cash register.

Police arrested Santos around 7:30 a.m. on Sunday after his boss recognized him from the security footage and called the authorities.

"We are seeing more and more residents getting involved and helping us to quickly arrest suspects by calling in tips and reporting the suspect's whereabouts," Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose told NJ.com. "The greater cooperation helps all of us."

The box, intended for the family of 42-year-old Fernanda Concalvez, was placed in the bakery to raise money for her chemotherapy and radiation treatment following her diagnosis of colon cancer last year. It contained around $200.

Concalvez was previously employed as a patient representative at a hospital, but was placed on unpaid medical leave when she began her treatment. NBC notes that she hopes to be well enough to attend a fundraiser scheduled for later this month to recoup the loss of the money raised.