We're not sure what it is about drugs these days that make people lust for a taste of human flesh, but a New Jersey man allegedly bit his off own finger and swallowed it during a rampage Sunday night, and cops suspect he was on PCP.

Jargget Washington, 29, who lives in Jersey City, apparently took off all his clothes at a busy intersection before pounding his fists on cars and screaming at drivers; he even jumped on the hood of one car and tried to pull out the driver, who was able to fight him off. The cops came and carted Washington off to the Jersey City Medical Center, and after he was somehow cleared by doctors as medically and psychologically competent, officers say Washington spit at them and relieved his bowels in the backseat of their cop car. He also allegedly ate the medical bracelet he'd gotten at the hospital, but that didn't seem to fill him up, as once he got to the jail, police say Washington bit off his own finger and swallowed it.

Washington is charged with carjacking, being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance and throwing body fluids at officers of the law; he's back at the JCMC for evaluation, and has a prior prison record for selling drugs.