Toll scofflaws can rack up impressive numbers in their attempts to get around paying one red cent while crossing over a bridge or through a tunnel. $20,000, $30,000, $123,000 (blamed on cocaine problems). All of this pales in comparison to the New Jersey man who was arrested this week for owing over one million dollars in tolls

Ugh, sorry, sorry, but who can resist.

According to NBC4, Little Ferry resident Lester Morales managed to owe such a huge amount of money in tolls because he ran a trucking company that allegedly sent "100 trucks going through tolls more than 100 times a day" with a delinquent EZ-Pass account.

According to, Morales was arrested on Thursday at Newark Airport before he could board a flight to Aruba, although Morales's laywer characterized the trip as "a short vacation" and not an attempt the flee the long arm of the toll law. Morales has been charged with theft of services, and plead not guilty.