Have you heard of this thing called "Twitter?" You type something, and then everyone in the world can read it! We should probably mention that it doesn't censor anything, so it's best not to—sigh. An eight-year veteran of the Orange, New Jersey Police Department was fired by the mayor of the city after posting variations of the "n-word" and criticizing the city itself on his Twitter account.

In a statement made by mayor Eldridge Hawkins, Jr., the cop, 29-year-old Hector Rosado, was "involved in offensive, insubordinate and racially charged behavior in the public online chat room forum known as Twitter." At a hearing in June, Rosado was charged with conduct unbecoming of an officer and criticizing official acts or orders, and expected to received the 10-day suspension recommended by the administrator in charge. But mayor Hawkins felt that wasn't enough.

"To say 'f' your employer in a public forum and mix that with racial slurs in this day and age—it is just unacceptable," Hawkins tells the Star-Ledger. Indeed, who can forget the courageous actions of Det. Frank Serpico, who famously exposed the Tweet of a fellow officer bemoaning the lack of vacation time: "NYPD need 2 recognize 2 wks is 2 short, 4real. Bitches."

Rosado's attorney is confident that his client "will be reinstated after a long and expensive soaking of the taxpayers," which sounds like a good tweet to us. Though Rosado's account, "M2daOOSE" has been deleted, his name is still etched in the annals of the internet: @20Tones tweeted last night, "BIG #SUPPORT TO @M2daOOSE FOR BEING REAL."