A New Jersey toddler survived a fall from a three-story balcony earlier this week, and is "doing fine" following his release from the hospital, according to officials.

The one-year-old boy was being watched by his teenage sister on the balcony of their Paterson home, police said, when he managed to climb a chair and topple over the railing. He fell three stories, narrowly avoiding a spiked mental gate, before landing on the grass.

The boy's parents were home at the time, but not watching him, according to Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale.

The boy was taken to St. Joseph Hospital for evaluation. All tests have since come back negative and he's been released, Speziale said.

"We don't want it to happen at all but when you look at this situation, it's a miracle," the police director told reporters earlier in the week.

In May of this year, a toddler in Elizabeth, New Jersey also managed to survive a three-story fall after an awning broke his fall.