Given the hoo-ha in both traditional print media and in the blogosphere, one would think Apple had finally introduced the hoverPod (a flying skateboard with an IPod built in - Gothamist sent Steve Jobs our sketches months ago, but for a general idea, look at what the Modern Humorist did with the Segway, then known as "Ginger"). Not so: Apparently it's just a thinner, cheaper, longer-battery-life, lighter iPod. Bonus: In the pictures posted on Engadget and Gizmodo, it looks to have a cool blue backlight. While the new 'pods appear to be on sale at the online Apple store, on our walk to work this morning, there were no new models in the windows. If our experience with the iPod Minis is any guide, the new ones won't be hitting the shelves downtown for a couple of weeks and will never make it to the rest of the world.

Jason Kottke also spotted an amusing blog "jinx" going on at Engadget and Gizmodo. As of this morning, Weblogsinc boss Jason Calacanis had claimed the scoop. While both sites omit the exact time post on the webpages, they do include it on their RSS feeds. A quick consultation with BlogLines did support Calacanis' claims: Pete Rojas' Engadget did beat Gizmodo by posting the cover of Newsweek at 8:38pm. Gizmodo followed suit at 11:39pm. Of course, it's the game that matters, not who wins. Congratulations to both teams!