The gnerds at Google Earth Blog point us to a bumper crop of new additions to Google's 3D version of New York City. This blogger's discovery is best read aloud in your most nasally, emphatic voice: "This is a HUGE update with at least hundreds (if not thousands) of new 3D buildings with photo textures applied. Basically, Google has completed nearly every building in Manhattan Island for Google Earth. Just fly to New York City and turn on the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth... This is the largest city I've seen done with photo-realistic textures to date.

"I plan to create a video fly through soon... By the way, there's a cool way of flying around buildings in Google Earth 4.3+ You can swoop between buildings like Spiderman!" Whatever keeps 'em off the streets. But it has been a while since we checked the NYC Google Earth, and this new level of verisimilitude is most impressive. They've even got the hated Verizon building!