The best quote of the day is from the Daily News' mob law enforcement source, who discusses the appointment of the new Gambino crime family boss. The ascension of Domenico Cefalu, a 64-year-old convicted drug trafficker who was born in Sicily and lives with his mother, "marks a stunning break with the late John Gotti's infamous era," according to the News. And the source says, "I think they picked a Sicilian because they're tired of the old, fat, lazy American Italians who turn into rats."

Gang Land News had reported the news and offers this assessment of Cefalu: He has a "well-earned reputation as a stand-up wiseguy who would never flip" and is an "old Bensonhurst, Brooklyn resident who was inducted into the crime family during John Gotti’s reign. He served six years in prison for a 1982 heroin smuggling conviction, and 20 months behind bars for a 2008 extortion rap. He is now gainfully employed as a salesman for a local bakery."

Cefalu is on supervised release.