Convicted drunk drivers may not be able to merely scrap their cars to avoid an ignition interlock breathalyzer and the long arm of the law. A new bill would require those convicted of DWI who don't install the devices to wear alcohol-detection anklets. The bill comes after Daily News reported that only 21% of those recently convicted of DWI in the city install the mandatory devices. A third of DWI-convicted drivers statewide comply with the law. "We believe many of them feel they can simply wait it out for six months," Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice tells the paper.

Under a portion of Leandra's Law, which makes driving intoxicated with anyone under the age of 16 in the vehicle a felony, anyone convicted of a DWI is required to install the device for six months or forego their drivers' license. But people often switch the titles of their cars to a family member or friend or sell their cars altogether. The new law would require people who refuse a device on their cars to go without a vehicle for five years. "We believe the changes would lead to far more compliance earlier on of people installing the ignition interlock devices," Rice said.