091108VanHool-Double-Decker-Bus.jpgThe MTA's new double decker bus prototype made its maiden voyage this morning, and the Daily News was on board to get the awe-inspired reactions from riders. Staten Island's Chris Maffeo doesn't seem to get out much: "This is unbelievable. Wow—look at the people down there. They look so far away." And 38-year-old Laura Liamero practically swooned: "This seat is first class—front row—the orchestra seat!" One drawback, though, is the cramped second deck, which is only 5'7" from floor to ceiling. Says 6'2" Matthew Wagner, "I feel like a freakin' midget, but with this view up here it's definitely worth the hunched over walk." And get a load of this feature: Since the bus is too tall for the Lincoln Tunnel's 13-foot height limit, it uses GPS technology to recognize when it approaches the tunnel, at which point an air valve is automatically activated to lower the bus two inches! Your move, Gray Line.