Earlier this year we learned all about the brand new buses that would be hitting the streets — and now the fleet of experimental turbine hybrid DesignLine vehicles are here. We rode one this morning and the biggest thing we noticed is that a voice comes on before every stop telling you to exit out of the back door. This request went widely ignored by passengers.

However, that's the most noise you'll hear from the new buses — as the NY Times points out, they are quite quiet. In fact, the MTA described them as: “Quiet as a tomb," which may not be the way to go when describing a mode of public transport.

There are currently three operating, and there may be 87 more on the way by the end of next year. Other features: "The buses have 37 seats inside a brightly lit interior with glowing LED panels. The rear doors open after a slight nudge, and the batteries recharge every time the driver hits the brakes." Now, how can we make them arrive on time?