Just as we're being launched into the long, hot, humid days of summer, a new delivery service has beta-launched so lazy New Yorkers can stay in the air conditioning while someone else peddles to get Frappuccinos, or whatever.

Just like Kozmo, the ZipGigs crew will bring you whatever your (out of shape) heart desires. According to Brick Underground, that means anything except alcohol or prescription meds—which really is cutting out a huge demographic for them. But seriously, anything else and they're on it: your Shake Shack fix delivered right to your mouth, a post office drop-off, ramps from the farmer's market, and so on.

Co-founder Antonia Abraham explained it like this: “We’re an on-demand personal assistant. Our model expands upon what Kozmo did while providing additional services. [Kozmo and UrbanFetch] had inventory that they pulled from, whereas our inventory is New York."

As for the price range: expect a trip to your local Duane Reade to cost around $10 bucks, and an outer neighborhood jaunt to cost double that.