Photo via El Blog De Joy

As we recently noted, current stats from the 114th Precinct show that robbery is up 10% from last year, burglary is up 7% and grand larceny auto is up 18.9%. Sightings of cars on cement blocks have become more frequent, and now it looks like things are getting really bad over in Astoria. A local blogger just spotted this car stripped of its tires and propped up by a plastic milk crate! The scenario was spotted just a few feet away from Peter F. Vallone’s house; we've contacted the Councilman for a comment on the recent crime wave in his neighborhood, and will update when/if we hear back.

UPDATE (11/19): Vallone tells us, "Queens not only has the highest number of car thefts, but we are now seeing cars on boxes—a stark example of what New York City used to look like when crime really was a problem. Criminals are sending us a brazen message, and we need to send one back with more cops on the streets. I’ve long fought for more police patrolling our streets, and this is why."