Despite the overall crime rate being down 1% over the first half of the year, the latest crime statistics released by the NYPD reveal that the stats of six out of the seven major felonies has increased in 2010.

Murders have jumped 11%, from 199 to 221, and rapes are up 13%, from 555 to 629. More people have been shot this year, 799 compared to 748, a 7% increase. The only decrease is in grand larceny, which has a 7% drop. Deputy Commissioner Browne told the News that the NYPD "changed its strategy" after they became aware of recent trends in shootings, which have been occurring frequently outside, after midnight.

As has been the trend during the first months of the year, the crime rate has remained higher than last year, but police are fighting an uphill battle, since 2009 had the lowest murder total in at least 47 years. Earlier this year, a Brooklyn cop accused the NYPD of pressuring officers to "juke" the stats: "The rank-and-file NYPD street cop experiences enormous pressure in a strange catch-22: He or she is expected to maintain high 'activity'—including stop-and-frisks—but, paradoxically, to record fewer actual crimes."