Teens in New York City now have a new resource for any and all sexual health-related questions, thanks to Mayor Bloomberg: a new app launched by the Bloomberg administration will provide teens with information about everything from where to get free condoms to what to expect at a health clinic. Because nothing screams sexy like local government initiatives.

The app, called "Teens in NYC Protection +," is aimed at teenagers who are both sexually-active or perhaps interested in becoming so, and provides information that is also available on the city's website. But now, teens will be able to access information easily, and parents have no legal recourse when it comes to getting that information. According to New York State law, "[t]eens...have a legal right to get sexual-health services without the permission of parents, guardians, boyfriends, girlfriends, relatives or anyone else," and the city sees the app as an addendum to the sexual health curriculums provided in public schools.

We checked out the app ourselves, which is available through iTunes and both Google's and the iPhone's App Stores, and it appears to have plenty of useful information for teens in need. You can search for nearby health clinics to get everything from STD testing and treatment to LGBTQ-specific services, learn about where and how to get various prophylactics like IUDs, birth control pills and condoms and watch videos documenting clinic visits. The app also lists phone numbers for sexual assault and domestic violence hotlines, and suicide hotlines; for more information, teens can check out the city's website, which now features a special page just for young New Yorkers.