An opening-this-fall charter school in Washington Heights has been getting a lot of attention, thanks to its $125,000 salaries for teachers. The Equity Project Charter Schools hopes to show high quality teachers will bring results. The NY Times looks at some of the hires and finds "an accomplished violist...a self-described 'explorer' from Arizona who spent three decades honing her craft at public, private, urban and rural schools...two with Ivy League degrees. And Joe Carbone, a phys ed teacher, who has the most unusual résumé of the bunch, having worked as Kobe Bryant’s personal trainer." And the teachers "will work longer hours and more days, and have 30 pupils, about 6 more than the typical New York City fifth-grade class," plus they won't "have the same retirement benefits as members of the city’s teachers’ union" and can be fired at will. But the teachers will also be eligible for $25,000 bonuses.