In trying to deal with another looming budget crisis, Mayor Bloomberg has proposed increasing parking prices throughout the city, as well as expanding a pilot program which would increase parking prices based on the busiest hours and what location you're looking to park. And that sound you hear echoing in the distance? It's the sound of the bridge and tunnel revolution: "I got kids and no work. This is one hard town to live in already, and the mayor wants to make money on everything," Acura TL owner Robert Salkey told the News.

Unless the Mayor has a sudden Christmas Eve revelation, the new pricing plans will go into effect at the start of the new year. Meter fees will be raised to $1 an hour in the outer boroughs, and $2.50 to $3 per hour generally below 86th St. in Manhattan. The city last increased meter rates to 75 cents an hour in 2009, up from the 50-cent rate set in 1992. But it isn't just folks driving into the city who are pissed off about the price hikes. "Motorists are under unbelievable attack," he said. "God forbid you have a car in this city. How much more do we absolutely slaughter them? With traffic agents doling out $115 tickets and inspectors handing out fines for even the smallest violation, how is a small business supposed to survive in New York City?" said Councilman James Vacca of the Bronx.

The city is facing a $3.3 billion budget gap for the 2012 fiscal year; they're already begun needling people for the $700 million they're owed in unpaid parking tickets, and they hope the new parking plan will raise $2.4 million by June 30, then $13.8 million in successive fiscal years. So unless you're thinking about becoming a meter maid, you're going to have to get creative to avoid the new parking costs. Thankfully, just as the Light side of the Force needs the Dark side to balance itself out, so too will there always be people coming up with ways to avoid paying for parking.