Hey all you cops, with your uniforms and your billy clubs and your fancy tasers: you like to go out for a drink after your shift, have a little taste, we get that. Sometimes you bring your gun with you. Well, you're officially on notice: those days of getting plastered and crawling across the bar floor shooting at the mice and the dust are numbered, thanks to a new bill that won't allow you to drink and carry a weapon.

Or not. The new bill, which aired at a City Council meeting on Wednesday, would subject licensed gun owners to a possible year in jail and $10,000 fine if they're over the limit and armed—except for cops. State law prevents the city from including on-duty or off-duty cops in the measure, according to Public Safety Committee Chairman Peter Vallone Jr. Mayor Bloomberg tried to get a similar bill passed earlier this year, but it was blocked by the NRA. Imaginatively, the NRA said this new bill was "a new tactic" to undermine gun rights.

"If automobiles are dangerous with a drunken driver behind the wheel, it should be obvious that the same principle applies when someone carries a gun while intoxicated," Arkady Gerney, a mayoral criminal justice aide, testified. But cops are covered by departmental penalties for carrying their firearms and drinking even when off-duty. And thank God for that, or else we would never again such classic news stories as "Drunk cop fires gun inside boyfriend's patrol car" again!