Public toilets

The Parks Department is renovating 86 of its 683 public restrooms this year. Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe explains, "We're the only city agency with a large number of public toilets. While we've been closing them for a number of years, we're now in an expansion mode." The Post lists the details:

Seven of 11 brand-new restrooms, 30 of 35 complete renovations and all 40 spruce-ups have been completed. Renovations include new lighting, hand dryers, ventilation fans, electric eye flush units, deodorizer units and new mirrors.

There will now be advertising in the bathrooms, plus new corporate sponsors of various restrooms. For example, Quilted Northern is sponsoring the renovation of three parks restrooms, including one in Riverside Park. Now, Gothamist doesn't have that kind of coin yet, but maybe someday we'll have to start a drive to raise money for a Gothamist rest area. But for now, we'll see how our first season of sponsoring a Little League team goes.

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