Earlier today, the Times tried to kick off a new Manhattan-Brooklyn battle, this time over whether Central or Prospect Park is the superior park. Really, there's nothing better than spending a lazy summer day in either park. Having said that...iPhone offers a pretty compelling argument as to why Central Park is superior: you can now order delivery there!

A new free iPhone application, CityMint, offers to deliver meals to Central Park from seven restaurants bordering the park, with free delivery, between noon and 7 pm on weekends through Labor Day. The app comes with a GPS add-on, which allows deliverymen to pintpoint where you are, avoiding the hassle of you trying to describe your location ("near the big rock?"). Restaurants who have signed on so far include Francesco's Pizzeria and Restaurant, Aroma Espresso Bar, China Fun, Pinkberry and Big Nick's Burger Joint and Pizza Joint. Runner/project manager Tim Diamond is hoping they can maintain a 30-to-40-minute delivery time, and weighed in on why they chose Central Park to launch the program: "It's where people congregate, and it's where people are actually going to in the summer - when they're not hiding in movie theaters."