If we've learned anything from Arrested Development, it is that a banner can indeed contain the contents of your heart. And for the third time in the past month, a group of retired NYPD officers have let a banner do the talking for them: an anti-Mayor de Blasio group is flying a banner over the Hudson River today reading, "DeBlasio Get Off The Pot. Resign. We ❤️ NYPD."

The same group that took credit for two recent banners—one read, "DeBlasio Failed All NY'ERS. It's Time. Resign," the other read, "NY Support NYPD. Rest in Peace Det's Liu and Ramos."—has taken credit for today's stunt. The group, who now call themselves Retired NYPD For A Safe New York, claims to be made up of "several thousand retired New York City Police Officers who have joined together to actively support the brave men and women of the New York City Police Department in today’s anti-police climate."

In addition to those banners, there were two more inflammatory signs that flew in the last month, one of which read, "De Blasio, Our Backs Have Turned to You," the other, "De Blasio Apologize To The NYPD!!"

The group says that today's demonstration, which comes on the same day as a pro-police rally in Queens (also organized by a former cop), is their "latest protest against the utter lack of respect that Mayor DeBlasio evinces for the NYPD and is a follow up to our two banners that flew last Tuesday." So much for turning the page on this whole mess.

In an email press blast, the group included a list of grievances against de Blasio that sums up all the anti-de Blasio hysteria over the past month.

Mayor DeBlasio [sic, et al] has repeatedly demonstrated a glaring disdain for the NYPD.

For example:

1. Candidate DeBlasio based his Mayoral campaign on reforming the NYPD, including curtailing Stop and Frisk, ending the City’s appeal of a judicial decision that found that the practice was unconstitutional and discriminatory, as well as supporting the NYC City Council’s overriding then Mayor Bloomberg’s veto of the NYPD Oversight Act, which appointed an Inspector General to oversee the NYPD and the End Discriminatory Profiling Act, which created a “private right of action” for citizens who believed that they were being profiled by the NYPD. The former Act merely added an additional layer of oversight to an agency that already had the most oversight of any police department in the United States, including the New York State Attorney, the five NYC borough District Attorneys, as well as the United States attorneys for the Southern and Eastern Districts and the Internal Affairs Bureau while the latter bill potentially made officers more vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits for describing a suspect based on race, religion, etc.

2. Appointed a former Campaign staffer, Kicy Motley, to a coveted position as the Director of Brooklyn Community Affairs even though she posted anti-police rhetoric on Twitter on more than one occasion. For example, on August 12, 2012 she tweeted “F*ck the Police” after the NYPD shot and killed a man who lunged at them with a knife. Also, in February 2013 she tweeted support for ex-LAPD Police Officer Chris Dorner who shot and killed four people, including three Police Officers, “there’s a part of me rooting for Dorner”.

3. The Mayor hired Rachel Noerdlinger as the Chief of Staff for his wife, Chirlane McCray. Ms. Noerdlinger failed to disclose that she was living with a man who was previously arrested for manslaughter and had repeatedly made anti-police comments on social media in her initial application to the NYC Department of Investigation. When this information became public knowledge the Mayor defended the staffer and failed to offer any support for the NYPD or law enforcement.

4. On July 31, 2014, during a City Hall meeting to address citywide concerns after Eric Garner died while being arrested in Staten Island, the Mayor was flanked by Police Commissioner Bratton and Reverend Sharpton. The Reverend repeatedly chastised the NYPD during the meeting, disrespecting Commissioner Bratton and the men and women of the NYPD, with no comment from the Mayor.

5. The Mayor agreed to a $41 million payout to the Central Park Five, calling it an “act of justice” that’s “long overdue” despite the Corporation Counsel’s desire to litigate what they believed was a winnable appeal based on the evidence as they understood it that was uncovered by the thorough investigative work of the NYPD Detectives involved. Why did the Mayor unilaterally disregard the Counsel’s recommendation?

6. The Mayor publicly stated how in the past he told his son Dante to “take special care in any encounter he has with the police officers who are there to protect him” after the Grand Jury voted not to indict a Staten Island Police Officer in the tragic death of Eric Garner. Instead of speaking about respecting the Grand Jury’s decision and attempting to heal a divided city, the Mayor fanned the flames of disharmony and racial discord. Of course Dante will most likely never have a negative encounter with the Police; the Mayor and his wife should be commended for raising a respectful, law abiding young man, as any parent knows how challenging it is to raise a child in today's society.

7. Approximately two dozen New York City Council members staged a die in on the steps of City Hall and then obstructed traffic on Broadway, while chanting “I can’t breathe”. No comment from the Mayor. Interestingly, the City Council members while on duty were exercising their First Amendment rights. Acceptable for them but not for the police officers who turned their backs on the Mayor.

8. Two Lieutenants in uniform are assaulted on the Brooklyn Bridge while protecting the rights of anti-police protestors to safely exercise their First Amendment rights. The Mayor calls the attacks “alleged” and doesn’t initially condemn the attacks.

9. Protestors march in Manhattan chanting for dead cops. Silence from the Mayor.

10. The Mayor reappoints Criminal Court Judge Laura Johnson who released without bail one of the suspects who attacked the Lieutenants on the bridge, and a second man who posted death threats against the police on Facebook (and who had a history of failing to show up for court appearances).

11. Lastly, on January 6, 2015, the Mayor, against the advice of his closest advisors, relieved Judge Diana Boyar, a respected judge with a reputation of being tough on criminals, of her position. Unfathomable.

The preceding list is an illustration of the Mayor’s lack of support for the NYPD. The members of Retired NYPD For A Safe New York have lost confidence in the Mayor’s ability to effectively lead New York City. It is time for the Mayor to Get Off the Pot. Resign.

The "get off the pot" declaration is a not-so-veiled reference to wholly unsubstantiated rumors, spread by police, that de Blasio and wife Chirlane McCray regularly smoke marijuana. Asked about his alleged marijuana use last week, the Mayor told reporters that he had not smoked grass since he was a student at NYU. Here are the pictures to prove it.