It feels like it was only three days ago that we were celebrating the grand opening of the first new subway station in over 25 years at 34th Street and 11th Avenue. Remember the fanfare? Remember the joy? Now that's all a distant memory. The new 7 train station at 34th Street-Hudson Yards was supposed to be a fresh start for New York City. Instead, we've been rerouted back to the Bad Old Days of mass transit inconvenience.

EPIC FAIL indeed. After a signal delay between approximately 6:30 and 7:20 a.m. this morning, the NY Post jumped on the outrage bandwagon: "Brand new subway station already plagued by delays." That's right, people: there is a plague upon the house of NYC, and it is one that turns all original thoughts into insipid phrases like, "Shakes head" and "Already?!?!"

Never mind that a brand new station is bound to have some kinks to work out—the plague is spreading. It already has infiltrated several very angry Reddit threads with titles such as, "Congrats MTA... The station is a whopping 3 days old and it is already shitting the bed during the morning rush," and "$2.8 billion well spent." Considering all this anger, it's as if the escalators around the station have started beating up old people or something.

We reached out to the MTA for comment about the initial hiccups, in the hope that they would offer some calming words for riled up commuters, like how there's always going to be delays and unexpected signal problems regardless of when a station is built. Or maybe how adding a new line to a pre-existing one is bound to cause some bugs. Or how, considering everything, the MTA really has done a great job unveiling the new station despite all of the budgetary issues they've faced.

However, an MTA spokesperson was more concerned about that aforementioned malfunctioning escalator than people bitching about something so minor: "Here’s some serious advice: Please tell your readers to be careful on the escalators," the spokesperson said. "We are seeing too many customers standing in awe, looking up and all around, taking pictures and not holding onto the handrails. Please hold onto the handrails. Please don’t stand at the end of the escalators, taking pictures and blocking everyone else. Please look down. Please be careful."

The signal circuit error that caused the delay, he noted, "was fixed as quickly as possible." We'll let a Redditor sum it up: "To be fair, most things shit the bed when they're three days old."

And hey, if you do get delayed a bit, why not take advantage of your surroundings, enjoy the art around the new station, stop and smell the dying paint? We hear some great things about the local street food.