The Times today has an interesting story on the continuing issues that have been troubling the slowly reemerging commercial ferry business here. Earlier this week New York Water Taxi announced that it was going to have to raise the cost of a trip between Jersey City and Wall Street from $6 to $9, much to the dismay of the 2,000 odd commuters who ride the boats daily. The increase was, the Times says, due to a money-losing two-year-old deal that the company had made with Goldman Sachs allowing the taxis to use one of Goldman's piers in exchange for free rides for Sach's employees during business hours. But just in the nick of time that increase has been laid to rest. Starting on October 2 William Wachtel's BillyBey Ferry Company will step in and take over the route. Even better it will reduce the fare to $5.50!

This isn't the first time that BillyBey has stepped in to take over a troubled trip between New York and New Jersey. Back in February of 2005 the company took over ferry routes from the Hoboken Terminal to Pier A from New York Waterway.

Once upon a time, before the Brooklyn Bridge and its peers, New York had a vibrant ferry business and there is a growing sense/hope that with the huge developments growing up and down the Brooklyn and Queens waterfronts it will soon return. In the meantime our favorite ferry is still, of course, the freeStaten Island Ferry.

Detail of Water Taxi by Triborough via Contribute.