So, about that whole, "It's going to be chilly and rainy forever into infinity, I know it's May but seasons don't matter anymore" thing from last week—yeah, we actually have a new game plan now, and it is this: Warm and intermittently stormy. Summery, even! And if you're lucky, it will last through Memorial Day weekend, in which case I will see you at the beach.

To quickly recap, the National Weather Service told us last week that the frigid slanting rain would not be letting up any time soon; that a "trough of low pressure" and cold air blowing in from the ocean would likely mean the continuation of a "persistent stormy pattern" with limited potential for the return of "fair weather, clear weather, quiet weather, seasonable weather"—effectively, the sun, which went out for cigarettes at some point in April (?) and seemed unlikely to return.

Except for then this weekend it did! And now what we previously believed would be a fleeting sunshine interlude may actually continue for most of the week? With intermittent storms that—as of right now and not necessarily any other time—would probably occur in the nighttimes, although too early to lull you to sleep. Unless you go to bed at dinner time, in which case: Respect.

Last week's chilly temps have been replaced by unusually toasty conditions, reportedly 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the seasonable norm if all goes as expected. According to the NWS, and corroborated by AccuWeather, we can count on temps topping out in the mid-to-high 80s today, and sinking back down to about 67 degrees by 11 p.m. A small chance of showers, with possible thunderstorms, escalates to a full chance around 3 p.m. Right now, 7 p.m. looks like prime time for thundershowers, if thundershowers happen at all. Your commute could be a sodden slog, just rinse after rinse as you pass through one subway waterfall after another, or it could be perfectly regular.

As to the rest of the week, congrats because if my sources are correct, it's basically just more of this, albeit slightly balmier. Tomorrow, temps are slated to rise from the high 50s in the morning, into the low 70s by the early afternoon. That cycle may continue through Friday, with a low-to-medium chance of rain on Thursday morning and evening, as well as Friday morning.

Realistically, it's too early to say what the first weekend of (for all/my intents and purposes) summer might bring, but the situation currently appears promisingly similar to the above. Then again, I am starting to think that, whatever fact-based forecast I put up here, The Weather—a famously willful contrarian—will read it and do the opposite. But now that I've said that, perhaps not? I don't know, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you, as Slack likes to remind me way too often, and our meteorological overlords are fickle friends. Chaos, really, but at least we'll be warm and mostly dry. Maybe!