Fresh from being evacuated for Hurricane Irene, the residents of Battery Park City have another headache to deal with this weekend. As if having millions of eyes turned towards it in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the city has released its parking plans for the area and, well, if you were planning on driving in lower Manhattan this weekend (wait, really?) you probably want to reconsider that idea.

The plans, which were sent out to Community Board 1 residents and appear in this week's TriBeCa Trib, show that the area around Ground ZeroThe World Trade Center will be featuring access restrictions the likes of which haven't been seen in, oh, ten years. Not that any of us should be that surprised what with President Barack Obama and former Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton all expected to be quite publicly attending the ceremonies on Sunday. In preparation, here is what drivers can expect:

According to a letter from the mayor’s office released Tuesday, access to Battery Park City and Lower Manhattan south of Warren Street will be severely limited this weekend, beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 10 and ending at 8 p.m. Sunday night. Access in and out of the area, whether by foot, vehicle and mass transit will be restricted, according to the letter. Both the Vesey Street and Rector Street bridges will be closed most of Sunday, Sept. 11 and all West Street crossings south of Warren Street and north of Rector Street will be prohibited.

Pedestrians and workers may be required to show identification and traffic and parking will be prohibited on most streets within a wide swath of the World Trade Center site.

According to the local paper, some neighbors were pissed about the prospect of all those restrictions (“It’s great living down here 363 days of the year,” one man said. “There are the other couple of days of the year where it’s a little police state-ish.”) and not everyone was happy about the fact the details weren't released until this week (“I personally think they waited this long to inform us so we couldn’t do anything about it,” said CB1's Battery Park City Committee’s chair, Linda Belfer.) but at least some people are looking on the bright side. And hey! BPC residents will be able to, basically, freely enter and exit their homes...which was not the case after the attacks ten years ago. Progress.