You've bought the 9/11 Cheese Plate and the 9/11 'Darkness' Hoodie, you've taken selfies in front of the 9/11 reflecting pools, and gotten yelled at by 9/11 guards for singing the national anthem—now what do you do for fun at the site of the most horrific terrorist attack in American history? Catch up on all the Pokémon Go playing you missed during all that boring never forgetting, of course.

The new game, which involves walking around like a zombie staring at your phone while searching for little cartoon creatures to... oh who cares? The point is, if you go to the 9/11 Memorial, you can play it there too, tapping your device to catch creatures that have been virtually embedded at the reflecting pools and around the site where over 2,700 were massacred. Suhweeeet, there's a Staryu!!!

If you haven't watched the Black Mirror episode "White Bear," tonight may be a good night to do so... on your iPad at the 9/11 Memorial sans headphones while munching kettle corn, of course.

The 9/11 Memorial did not immediately respond to a request for comment on this important news story.

On-site 9/11 Memorial reporting by Jen Chung.