Hint to grown-ups: On'tday aysay exysay aroundway idskay. Because a South Jersey substitute teacher was fired after he allegedly said a 7-year-old girl's outfit was "too sexy." Henry Wilson said his daughter's top and leggings outfit was deemed "too sexy" for gym class by teacher Marko Inskip. Wilson said, "She’s just a normal little 7-year-old girl who likes to dress pretty, not sexy." Seriously—if you think this outfit on a 7-year-old is sexy... well...

Apparently little Cadence Wilson was alarmed at the word. Wilson told ABC News, "She was upset when it happened. She took it as a regular bad word. She didn’t know if there was any context behind it. She was just upset that she was cursed out so to speak by a teacher." The little girl tried to tell other teachers about it, but she was so embarrassed Iby it, other students had to say the word.

When Inskip was questioned, he denied calling the girl "too sexy" and claimed he only called her "cute." However, other students backed Cadence's story and School Superintendent John Gilly III said that Inskip was removed from the district's approved substitute teacher list, "It seems to ad insult to i njury when you’re dealing with a 7-year-old, someone who’s in second grade. There’s no place in the classroom for anything like that to be said."

Henry Wilson filed a complaint with the police. Inskip didn't respond to media requests for comment.