Forty-eight minutes wasn't enough to settle the score between the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks, as the new rivalry lived up to its Battle of the Boroughs billing before a raucous crowd at the Barclays Center. The game ended regulation in an 84-84 tie, before the Nets took the first meeting—and city bragging rights—beating the Knicks 96-89.

When Richard Gere is in the house, you know you're in for a big night, and the atmosphere was definitely electric from the beginning. This was no Nets home game of old, where, as Deron Williams put it the night before, "There would've been more Knicks fans than Nets." Although it might have felt like the early aughts when 72-year old Kurt Thomas was listed in the starting lineup.

Like the season-opening night against the Toronto Raptors, Williams made the first basket of the game, and the "Broooooooooooklyn" chants began. It was a decidedly pro-Brooklyn crowd, though there were plenty of Knicks fans dispersed throughout the arena. Carmelo Anthony played both the hero and the goat of the evening, receiving his fair share of "MVP" chants filtered in among the bevy of boos. But it was the Nets who received the last standing ovation.

Anthony led all scorers with 35 points to go with 13 rebounds, and Tyson Chandler chipped in with a double-double of his own, dropping 28 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. The Nets were led by Deron Williams' sixth double-double of the early 2012 campaign (16 points, 14 assists). And those who were calling Brook Lopez soft at the beginning of the season best pay attention to his stat lines. He finished with another double digit night on the glass, pulling down 11 rebounds to go with his 22 points and 5 blocks.

Along with Richard Gere, Michael Strahan, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Jason Pierre Paul, and Justin Tuck were also spotted in the crowd (and in the photo above). The next time these two teams will meet is December 11, when the Knicks will again travel to Brooklyn.

We're headed down to the locker room—more to come.

[UPDATE] The theme of the post-game interviews revolved around the budding rivalry between the "East New York" and "West New York" teams.

"It was absolutely fantastic," Brook Lopez said after the game, "It was a great game for the fans, just having two great teams competing in New York."

"It's great to feel that we have a home court advantage finally," Deron Williams added. "It was a total 180 from last year, when all the chants and cheers were for [the Knicks]. This was a playoff type atmosphere, and you could definitely feel it on the court."

Williams' sentiments were echoed by all of the players in the locker room, as well as coach Avery Johnson, whose smile was hard to hide. "Every time some sort of Knick contingency started to cheer, our fans got louder," he gushed. "This is what we've been dreaming about since I've been here. It's a nice feeling and I'm glad we rewarded our fans with a victory."

39-year-old Knick point guard and former Nets all-star Jason Kidd was held out of the game due to back spasms, but with 40-year-old Kurt Thomas on the floor, the Knicks actually got older. When Thomas came out, he was replaced by former-retiree Rasheed Wallace—a move that lowered the team's average age on the floor. With that in mind the Nets tried to push the pace of play, but it was their own old-timer who put up some of the biggest points of the game.

Wearing Jackie Robinson's old Dodgers No. 42, 38-year-old Jerry Stackhouse played some important minutes down the stretch, finishing the night with 14 points, including the three pointer that put the Nets up for good with 3:31 left in overtime.

"I'm here to compete," Stackhouse said of his night and bump in minutes. "I'm in great shape and I feel like I can probably do more, but we talked about it, and feel like we're preserving it for the long haul. It's good to get out there and do what I do and helping the team win some games."

"What more can I say [about Stackhouse]?" Coach Johnson asked rhetorically, "Big threes, every three was at the right time. He had really good energy, but I didn't know he would be this ready." Stackhouse led a bench squad who was +34 when on the floor.

"On a night like tonight, we don't win this game without a couple of people," Johnson continued. "One: Gerald Wallace... And then Reggie Evans." Evans had another Dennis Rodman-like performance, recording 14 rebounds and four points. "In the first half, those offensive rebounds kept us in the game."

The Nets now find themselves in first place atop the Atlantic Division, somwhere Deron Williams has never been with this Nets team. And with all of the hype around tonight's game, it's good to know there's still three more Nets / Knicks match-ups to come. As Williams warned, "It's just one game... We can't be too excited, we didn't win the championship of New York, we won a game against a division rival."