Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg, Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and other Staten Island politicans announced new education initiatives in the tiny borough. The big news is that Staten Island will get its own gifted-and-talent magnet school, like Stuyvesant and Bronx Science, which would mean kids citywide might be taking the ferry over for high school. Staten Island Tech already is a well-performing school, but the mayor wants to give S.I. something special before he goes up for reelection, mainly agita for parents and middle schoolers who moved to Staten Island for the lower real estate prices and good schools. But one student wonders if having nerds come to S.I. Tech is a good idea, "Admitting students who are good test-takers doesn't mean they'll show up to class every day and be committed to the school." One thing is for sure: People will know where to find the nerds and taunt them.