2006_05_diamondneil.jpgNeil Diamond's heartlight isn't turned on for his Upper East Side neighbor: He's suing his neighbor over construction on the roof of her townhouse. Diamond lives on the top floor of 17 East 63rd Street, giving him "exclusive use of the rooftop" and put money into renovating the roof "to create a serene environment" for himself, according to the AP. However, the singer-songwriter noticed that construction on the roof of 15 East 63rd Street was taking place - and claims his neighbor's work doesn't have the right permits and "illegally adds 13 feet to the height to the building" because the the area's zoned maximum height is 75 feet. Diamond is suing his neighbor, Marianne Nestor (who happens to be Oleg Cassini's widow), for damages ("the value of his apartment has been substantially diminished and the construction has irreparably damaged his enjoyment of his apartment and rooftop") and for the structure to be removed entirely. We love the idea of Neil Diamond mourning the loss of his rooftop zen, as he sings "I'm a Believer." And who knew Neil Diamond was a Department of Buildings narc? He'd probably hate Ann Curry, though.