Midtown, a notoriously sleepy enclave where often the only sounds are the rustling of wind through the trees and the occasional chirping cricket, is finding itself at the center of a major disruption, with workers having been given the go-ahead to hammer away 24-hours a day on a new, 90-floor 57th Street condo and hotel.

According to DNAinfo, workers at One57, located at 157 57th Street, were recently issued permits to operate a crane and run exterior elevator work from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. from August 5 through 18, to the consternation of local residents. "[The DOB] doesn't give any thought to the neighborhood that surrounds the construction," neighbor Marci Glotzer, who has lived at 152 W. 58th Street for the 20 years, told the site.

Further infuriating residents is the fact that the noise is nothing new—construction has persisted for more than two years. One irritated nearby tenant even shot a video, which, for a real meta time, we suggest you watch on your phone while standing outside the construction itself.