There's been some back and forth regarding the case of Long Island man Jamie Sanchez, neighbor Barbara Bottiglieri, and whether or not Bottiglieri's dog Coco ever pooped on Sanchez's lawn. Bottiglieri says no, but now some neighbors are coming to Sanchez's defense, saying the dog does its business wherever it wants. “The dog does go all over the place,” one woman told CBS. "She walks the dog on our property, on the grass and he’s [Sanchez] not the bad guy here." No, throwing an animal across the street is a totally reasonable response!

Over the weekend, Sanchez and Bottiglieri got into an argument over the dog's habits. Sanchez threatened to sic his dog on them, Bottiglieri said she'd call the police, and Sanchez grabbed Coco's leash and whirled the one-year-old dachshund up and across the street, leaving her with an injured tail and ruptured stitches from recent surgery. Sanchez pleaded not guilty to animal torture and endangerment, and Bottiglieri claims she never let her dog do anything on his property. But another neighbor says, “The woman was told not to walk the dog in front of a lot of the houses in the neighborhood. The woman walks the dog and she actually smokes a cigarette and lets the dog do whatever it wants."