2008_07_greene.jpgThe daughter of the woman who was neglected in a hospital waiting room and died after being ignored by staffers has will sue the hospital, city and city's hospital agency for $25 million.

Last week, a video revealed that 49-year-old Esmin Green had been sitting in the waiting room of Kings County Hospital's psychiatric ward emergency area for almost 24 hours. Around 5:30 a.m., she collapsed on the floor, and while staffers saw her there, they did nothing, and Green later died. It also appeared hospital staff falsified records, claiming Green had been alive during the times she was actually unconscious on the floor.

Green's daughter Tecia Harrison said, "What I want is justice. Whoever committed a criminal act should be held responsible," adding, "This place where my mommy was supposed to receive care was a place that she died. This place that was supposed to protect her was a place that she lost her life."

The head of the city's Health and Hospitals Corporation Alan Aviles said, "We failed Esmin Green and believe her family deserves fair and just compensation...We remain devastated by the tragic death of Esmin Green and are deeply sorry for the pain it has caused her family." Kings County Hospital has promised reforms, but assembly members want Mayor Bloomberg to "appoint a health care delivery review panel."