2005_05_needtogo.jpgArthur Frommer and the pharmaceutical company Novartis have teamed up to give Americans the Where to Stop & Where to Go of places to travel and places there where you can go to the bathroom, and one of the cities mentioned at length is New York City. Novartis makes a drug for OAB, which stands for Overactive Active Bladder (apparently 33 million Americans suffer from it!), and when you go to the site where you can order the guide, you fill out a survey that asks you whether you urinate "8 or more times over a 24-hour period (frequent urination)." (Gothamist became slightly freaked out when we took the survey, but then realized our goals of trying to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day also causes the frequent urination.) And you can print out a "I Need to Go Now" card (PDF) for you to flash storeowners, but we doubt that showing this card at a fancy boutique will get you anywhere.

The watering holes (ha! we crack ourself up!) mentioned include restrooms at the Time Warner Center, Toys R Us in Times Square, the NY Public Library, and various department stores and hotels. Gothamist would also like to recommend any number of Starbucks and Barnes & Noble locations, even though the quality of the bathrooms varies greatly. And add you own has a list of bathrooms in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Plus, Gothamist on the Times Square subway bathrooms, an unscientific survey of handwashing after going to the bathroom, and all of our other bathroom related posts.