According to new census data, men profit financially from tying the knot, where forty years ago, they lost out. The findings reflect a change in marital attitudes over the last 40 years—where once women sought to find a rich guy and live off his wad, working wives are the trend of today. The takeaway: In today's desperate economy, men should spend less time sending out resumes and more time applying for well-compensated positions as husbands.

The AP report on the study portrays today's single guys as a sorry group. Between 1970 and 2007 the median income for married men, married women and unmarried men rose 60 percent. For unmarried men it grew just 16 percent, according to a Pew Research Center report, which focused on the 30-44 age range. Research also revealed that today's woman have the edge on education: in 1970 only 28 percent of wives were more educated than their husbands while by 2007, 81 percent beat out or matched the males. It's not all good news for females though, since earnings haven't quite followed suit. In 1970, 4 percent of husbands had wives with larger incomes; by 2007 the number had risen, but only to 22 percent.

The study provides a persuasive argument for men to just settle down. Regardless of marital status, men are losing jobs and having a harder time getting back into the workforce. Which is emasculating no matter what, but if you're married at least you have someone to feel sorry for you. And pay the heating bill.