A high pressure system will slowly move eastward across New York and New England the next few days, and that means we're about to have exceedingly pleasant weekend weather. Mostly clear skies will be in store today, tomorrow and Sunday. Because the high is centered near the Buffalo-Niagara Falls-Toronto area right now today will be the coolest of the next three days. Look for a northwesterly breeze to keep this afternoon's high to the upper 70s.

It will be less windy tomorrow when the high will be pretty much right overhead. The lack of wind should let a sea breeze develop, keeping temperatures to the mid 70s right along the coast. Places away from the coast, such as the city proper, northern New Jersey, and the lower Hudson Valley will see highs in the mid 80s. Sunday is looking much the same but with higher humidity, and perhaps a few clouds late in the day as the high moves offshore and the wind starts coming out of the southwest.

As the high pressure system departs a warm front will soon follow. Current thinking is the front will stall to our south, setting us up for a couple of days of unsettled weather. Showers and thunderstorms are possible early next week. High temperatures on Monday and Tuesday will depend on how cloudy it gets but somewhere in the mid 70s to low 80s range is a good guess.