A new study from AAA finds that at least 40% of the lights on three of the city's busiest highways are broken or burned out. The Cross Bronx Expressway is the worst culprit, with a 46% light failure rate all around. The Major Deegan had 38% failure, while the Henry Hudson Parkway had up to 54% failure along some stretches. AAA spokesman Robert Sinclair told the Post, "Roads in our area are among the most poorly engineered and maintained in the country, making adequate lighting critical to safety." How reassuring.

So why have none of these lights been fixed? We've contacted AAA to see if they have any idea, but maybe nobody reported the lights! According to the Department of Transportation, the Streetlight Maintenance contractors must give the DOT a disposition within 10 days of a reported problem. They also say that over 79,000 low voltage indicators have been installed on streetlights since 2008, which blink red when there is a current issue. The DOT investigates low current reports within 4 hours. Then again we can just chalk this up to budget problems, and sit back and watch as the city slowly crumbles into a deep, unfathomable darkness.