It's all about the warm front this weekend.  The attention whore discontinuity between air masses is going to scream "me me me!" through Sunday afternoon.  A large shield of rain precedes the front and may skirt the city early today.  More definite is that overcast skies will hold this afternoon's high to the upper 80s. There will a growing chance if a thunderstorm late this afternoon as the front draws closer.

Tomorrow.  Ugh.  The front should pass through the city late tonight leading to a very warm and humid Saturday morning.  It only gets hotter and more humid in the afternoon.  Take it easy as the high is expected to be near the record of 97 with the heat index over 100.  Another round of scattered showers is also expected.

The muggy weather will continue for part of Sunday but drier air should arrive in the afternoon.  By Monday the heat will be broken.  Oh, it looks like next week will be warmer than normal, but there's no indication of 90 degree weather after the weekend. Maybe some moisture from tropical storm Bonnie will arrive later in the week.