With 18 of 20 subway lines experiencing (suffering) diversions, due to the NYC Transit's necessary track work, subway riders have had to be patient. And it's a rude awakening for some people: One told WCBS 2, "That seems like a lot at one time - 18 out of 20 - so very inconvenient for a lot of people. I'm new to New York, I don't know if this is a regular thing." Welcome to New York, buddy!

Another stressed out straphanger—a 23-year-old Williamsburg resident—told the Post, "The MTA just sucks. I was late for my class this morning because of a delay I didn't know about." But a Queens resident who had paid attention to the many signs warning of issues said to WCBS 2, "It just meant I had to leave the house earlier this morning. Now I have to walk six blocks out of my way, and hopefully get out at the stop I need in the Village - unless something is screwed up down there."

Here are today's subway diversions—luckily, it looks nice outside, so maybe it's time to stroll a bit too.