Of course the canines in TriBeCa are getting a fancy park that includes amenities like "a dog-sized drinking fountain and gray-blue pavement designed to appear vibrant blue through a dog's color-blind eyes," not to mention "a playful water feature that dogs can activate by hopping on a bollard." Of course! If approved, the rich bitch playground—which will cost "hundreds of thousands of dollars"—is to be located on a new two-block section of the Hudson River Park planned between North Moore and Laight Streets.

To be fair, the dog park is a needed amenity in the area and will have much called for (possibly dog-life saving!) separate areas for big and small dogs and is not actually that expensive in the context of the $6.5 million being spent on the new section of the Hudson River Park. And yet, it reportedly did raise some eyebrows at a recent Community Board 1 meeting. "Money is tight these days," Joel Kopel, a Financial District resident and CB1 member pointed out at the meeting, according to DNAinfo.

Assuming the Hudson River Park Trust approves the plans for the new park (which also has amenities for people like a boathouse and a restaurant) construction will begin early next year with a goal of being completed in spring 2013. And this being TriBeCa, we have a strong suspicion the park will get the go-ahead. Trouble Helmsley, RIP, would certainly approve.