The heat is here! For the first time since 1985, and for only the 19th time since 1870, the temperature did not reach 90 degrees before July. That looks to change today as it is already 89 degrees and the abundance of tropical heat and humidity streaming northward should push this afternoon's high into the lower 90s. With an atmosphere this soupy showers or thunderstorms will be a possibility late in the afternoon and even more likely in the evening hours. Some of those storms could produce heavy downpours.

Showers and thunderstorms are even more likely to happen tomorrow and tomorrow evening as a cold front slowly approaches from the Midwest. Thursday's high won't reach into the 90s but the humidity is going to be even more oppressive than today as the moisture from what is now Tropical Storm Arthur reaches the northeastern US.

The weather story for Independence Day will be how and when Arthur and the Midwestern cold front interact. The current forecast has the front arriving first which would keep most of Arthur's rainfall to the east of the city. Busy vacation spots like eastern Long Island and Cape Cod will be closer to the action. Large swells and strong rip currents are likely all along the coast so be careful if you're out on the water. Once those two storm systems depart we should have a beautiful holiday weekend with sunny skies and highs in the mid 80s on Saturday and Sunday.