When you went to bed on Monday, you might have done so dreaming of sledding and snowball fights and a peaceful winter wonderland. When you woke up though, ah, that's where the disappointment of reality set in as you were greeted with sleet and mush and frozen sidewalks instead of two feet of soft powder. And not only do you have to deal with that disappointment for the rest of your life, but it turns out that the National Weather Service deliberately lied to you because they thought you were too stupid to deal with a slightly more reasonable forecast. Yes, you, Seth, reading this right now, they think you're dumb.

It turns out, the AP reports, that while we were busy making preparations to welcome the snow like those people on the roof welcomed the aliens in Independence Day, the National Weather Service knew there was a pretty good chance the storm would come up short of original expectations in NYC and other northeast cities. However, the NWS didn't update their forecast "out of extreme caution," according to Weather Prediction Center chief of forecast operations Greg Carbin.

According to Carbin, the NWS hid the truth from you, Seth, because they were worried that a prediction for less snow would mean you'd go out and do something dumb like drive your car as if there was no icy rain falling all around. Carbin played things off like it was no big deal, insisting that we got the correct amount of precipitation, just in a different form than was originally expected.

"The nature of the beast is that there’s always uncertainty in every forecast and we have to get better at describing that," Carbin told the AP, in the kind of non-apology apology that you're actually pretty good at Seth, so maybe don't be too mad about that one. Of course, when you think of everything that our government has lied about to us before, like their role in selling weapons to the Iranian government or their harassment campaigns against Martin Luther King, Jr. and other black leaders and their constant surveillance on Muslims and activists, a fib about the weather seems relatively minor. Unless of course this "lie of caution" was just a piece of Steve Bannon's larger plan to engender a total lack of trust in the state. That wouldn't be minor at all.