The Department of Labor released jobs data for November and it turns out the country "only" lost 11,000 jobs last month, bringing unemployment to 10%, after being at 10.2% for October. Now the Dow has jumped over 100 points on the news.

The NY Times reports, "Though the pace of job loss has been declining since a peak in January, the November number was surprising. Economists had been expecting a turning point to come in the late spring or summer, with employers finally adding workers as a recovery takes hold. The last time the number was so bright was in December 2007, when the economy added 120,000 jobs." One economist said, "It is clearly a much better picture, and appears to be mostly genuine," but another told the paper, "It is like a patient after having collapsed with a heart attack sitting up and taking a breath—nothing more than that. Things are getting better, but a one-month respite, frankly, means nothing in the context of the worst labor market ever seen since the 1930s."

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis says, "I am encouraged by the pattern of moderated job loss; however, I will not be satisfied until there are robust job gains. This administration is focused on jobs and job creation every day. We are working hard to sustain economic growth and spur renewed hiring for the millions of Americans who need and want work but cannot find it. Over the past 10 months, the Obama Administration has taken bold steps to break the back of this recession. While there has been a lot of rhetoric about the Recovery Act, when you look at today's report and other recent favorable economic trends, it is hard to argue that the Recovery Act is not working."