The performer singing the National Anthem at the Brooklyn Nets home opener last night kneeled at the very end of the song.

Skye wrote on her Instagram post that she understood she would probably never be asked to sing the anthem ever again, but that "I had to take a knee for the opening game in my city and let my voice be heard. We will not be silenced." She ended the post with #blacklivesmatter.

Justine Skye, a singer from Brooklyn, performed the entirety of the anthem before the game, but dropped to one knee at the very end of the song. While hard to make out in a video she posted to Instagram, NBC reported that there were more boos than cheers after the protest.

Nets players stood and had their arms linked during the song, according to the Daily News. Unlike the NFL, the NBA sent around a memo before the season began reminding players that they were required to stand during the anthem.