Monday afternoon Natavia Lowery, accused of murdering Linda Stein in 2007, was to have her big day in court... but a "wardrobe malfunction" put a stop to that. She showed up in her orange jumpsuit, but upon her lawyer's insistence traded it in for a less-guilty-looking beige ensemble yesterday — and with that, her trial began.

The NY Post reports back with some bad news for the alleged murderer, who has also been accused of stealing from Stein prior to her death.

Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi-Orbon told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Richard Carruthers, that if Lowery plans to portray herself as an "honest employee" of Stein's, than she wants to confront her with a laundry list of past identity theft allegations. These include stealing from past employees (Planned Parenthood), as well as a former roommate and a church.