Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi announced he was taking down photographs and information of DWI arrestees from the county website--known as the Wall of Shame-- but that the photos and names of people convicted would be posted. A judge ruled that the privacy of one woman, who sued over her mugshot and name being included, was violated by the allegedly drunk rogues gallery. State Supreme Court Justice William LaMarca felt that posting the claimant's info online could expose her to "limitless and eternal notoriety." Suozzi, created the Wall of Shame after a cop was seriously injured by a DWI driver after pulling over another DWI suspect, promised to appeal and feels the Wall was effective in making people reconsider driving while drunk. But one man who appeared on the Wall told Newsday, "I felt so bad because the people that I know - my family and friends - they know that I don't drink much. It's just a mistake. And everybody found out."