In the wake of the deaths of three children on Saturday, apparently killed by their mother, the Nassau County Children's Protection Services supervisor was suspended today.

Caseworkers had gone to Leatrice Brewer's apartment to investigate complaints, but she was not in. According to Newsday, Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi said CPS supervisor Eddie Arrendondo failed to send caseworkers on Saturday to follow up, "despite the warnings by relatives that the children were in mortal danger."

On Saturday morning, Brewer called 911 and told the operator she killed her three children. When the police arrived at her home, they found Jewel Ward, 6, Michael Demesyeaux, 5, and Innocent Demesyeaux, 18 months, laid out on a bed in an upstairs room. Initial medical examination showed that the children had been stabbed, drowned, and poisoned. Brewer jumped out of a second floor window when police arrived, injuring her vertebrae.

Family members had called CPS 10 times in prior months and neighbors described her as a troubled woman, who occasionally had problems with illegal drugs. One of the children's fathers, Innocent Demesyeux Sr., estranged from Brewer since 2004, has been trying to get custody of his kids because of her mental instability. He and Brewer were scheduled to meet in court yesterday for a custody hearing, but instead he told the Daily News, "Nassau County killed these kids. She wanted to kill them. I let the court know that. But they took only one side."