Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi is going to release information about everyone arrested for a DWI or DUI over this holiday weekend. Names, addresses, and mug shot photographs will be sent to local newspapers, with the request the papers print the information--all in an effort to shame people into not drinking and driving.

Suozzi has been very upset by the incident where a Nassau County police officer suffered grave injuries after a drunk driver plowed into his cruiser, right after he had pulled over a different drunk driver, on the Long Island Expressway last weekend. Officer Kenneth Baribault, 30, is in critical condition and had undergone many surgeries. The drunk driver who hit him had a NY suspended license, but somehow still managed to get a license in NJ.

A Hofstra Law professor told Newsday it is constitutional, "We want to use the criminal law to deter others from committing crimes. Shaming individuals -- which Suozzi is attempting -- serves the same function." Suozzi, who also announced more police patrols this weekend, said he and other officials will review how this public release of DWI arrestees works before deciding whether to continue it.

And the owners of Triple Crown hopeful Big Brown, Michael Iavarone and Richard Schiavo, held a press conference to say they will donate a portion of the horse's potential Belmont Stakes earnings to Baribault's family to ensure the future of his 6-year-old son.