While members of Occupy Wall Street were outside a Soho event that Governor Cuomo was attending—to protest his refusal to reinstate the "millionaires tax"— the feminist author and activist Naomi Wolf was arrested.

Firedoglake's Kevin Gosztola Tweeted, "Naomi Wolf shows up to inform protesters confronting Cuomo they do not need permit for a megaphone." Police claim that protesters can't be outside Skylight Soho (at 275 Hudson Street) because they need a street activities permit. New Yorkist reported, "Lt someone w/Manhattan South Precinct say people marching are obstructing pedi traffic. Naomi wolf talking, he said: "tell it to the judge!'" ANIMAL NEW YORK further explains, "NYPD told Naomi Wolf that they were going to arrest her for marching in front of Skylight Soho in violation of the event space's SAP permit." And so they arrested her.

What was the event? Apparently Cuomo was being given the "Game Changer of the Year Award" from the Huffington Post. Wolf, who contributes to the HuffPo, had been attending the event. Now protesters are marching to the 1st Precinct, where Wolf has been taken. Get Hipster Cop Det. Rick Lee on this!